We supply and fabricate stone for numerous types of applications. Interior and Exterior Cladding, Custom Cut Floor Tiles, Stairs, Fireplaces, Solid Granite Sinks, and Custom Design Landscaping Elements.

Bentall Towers - Vancouver BC

Bentall Tower Granite 02 Bentall Tower Marble 04 Bentall Tower Marble 06 Bentall Tower Marble 07 Bentall Tower Marble 08 Bentall Tower Granite 012 Bentall Tower Granite 017 Bentall Tower Granite 19 Bentall Tower Granite 025 Bentall Tower Marble Countertop 026 Bentall Tower Marble Countertop 028 Bentall Tower Granite 033 Bentall Tower Granite 035 Bentall Tower Granite 037 Bentall Tower Granite 043

Italian Kitchen - Vancouver BC

Earls - Vancouver BC

The Shore Club - Vancouver BC

Marble Reception Desk Granite Stairs Granite Countertop Bartop Granite Countertop  Bartop Granite Countertop Bartop Granite Benches Marble Surrounds Marble Surrounds Marble Surrounds Marble Surrounds Marble Vanity Marble Vanity Granite Sideboard Granite Sideboard

One Harbour Green - Vancouver BC

Two Harbour Green - Vancouver BC


Granite custom Floor Tiles Granite custom Tiles Marble floor tiles Granite Benches Custom Design Landscaping Stones Granite floor tiles Granite floor tiles Solid Granite Sinks Granite Stairs Marble Interior Cladding Granite Commercial Water Fountain Granite Exterior Stairs Granite exterior Cladding Solid Granite Sinks Granite exterior Cladding